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🔥How to Improve Speed

✅ Apply more mass specific force into the ground

The ground is a force plate: the more you put in, the more you get back out. This is why getting stronger has such a profound effect on increasing speed. The key though is raising relative strength: you must become very pound for pound strong in order to sprint fast. Fat doesn’t fly, and neither does weak 

✅ In the proper bio-mechanical positions

Speed is a skill; it can be trained. Learning the correct technique of speed: angles of acceleration, principles of max velocity, and front side mechanics, allows athletes to sprint at the speeds they’re capable of, and not “leak” speed due to improper technique 

✅ In ever decreasing increments of time


Your strength potential is only as useful as your ability to manifest it in a short amount of TIME. This is why the dynamic method and plyometrics have such great carryover to improving speed


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