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🔥 The Spike in Tommy John Surgeries

The spike in the Tommy John epidemic isn’t just the consequences of early specialization and guys refusing to take off seasons

It’s also very much a consequence of nowadays, surgery is the ONLY recommendation given to ANY level of discomfort in the elbow

I talked to a kid the other day who got recommended TJ WITHOUT EVEN AN MRI

Dr “took a quick glance”, pronounced a sprain (NOT a tear- a sprain) and scheduled surgery

Strain, sprain, discomfort, doesn’t matter, if you see a Dr, it’s surgery

So many that could’ve simply RESTED while improving scapular stability and rotator cuff strength, then having a smart, gradual return to play, INSTEAD, it’s a rush to surgery

And they’re now staring at a long rehab that for many, they don’t return to the same level of play

I guess it’s not really shocking considering the only thing the Dr knows is surgery, and that’s also how he makes his money

If the only tool you have is a hammer, everything becomes a nail


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