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Online Baseball Training Program

Our Online Baseball Training Program began out of necessity back in the shutdown of 2020, and since then I’ve been modifying and adjusting it to get awesome RESULTS with baseball athletes from MLB to D1 to high school. This is a program that can be done anytime, anywhere so no matter what's going on with tournament and team schedules, you can get it done to get the results you need to level up.

- Fenske



Erich Uelman


"The professional baseball season is too long and too important to under-train or over train. Before consistent online training I would have great off-seasons and show up strong and ready, but then tail off as a long minor league season would stretch on. I was unaware of how I should manage my training workload in regards to my on-field workload. 


But with online training these past 2 years, Fenske takes my pitching schedule, travel/life schedule, equipment availability, and even various aches and pains all into consideration in the programming. I have felt great and prepared to pitch at my highest level day in and day out. Since starting online these past two seasons my in-season velocity and health have greatly improved, and I climbed from AA to the MLB"

Ryan Sepede


"The remote training with Fenske has been huge for my success. It’s as close to in person training as you can get without actually being in person. 


Fenske writes out incredibly thought out and clearly detailed workouts that he makes specific to my strengths and weaknesses designed to not only sustain strength while not physically in his gym, but to actually make enormous progress. It’s been a game changer and since starting I’ve gone from splitting time, to this past season hitting for more power than ever before and batting cleanup."  


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