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Speed is a skill - it can be trained! There is no excuse to be slow.

There are 3 keys to sprint speed:

1. Relative Strength: fat doesn't fly, and neither does WEAK. To sprint at your best, you must be pound for pound strong. Not sure of your relative strength? Jump on a pull-up bar and perform as many dead hang reps as possible. A good rule of thumb for an athlete that possesses excellent relative strength is to be able to perform 20+.

2. Mobility: defined as the ability to move unimpeded through an intended range of motion, poor mobility such as tight pecs (arm swing) and tight hip flexors (leg turnover), amongst other examples, inhibits sprint speed.

*Times listed are laser start/laser finish, hand in laser. The accepted gap between the stopwatch and laser is .2 seconds, but often much more! The only way to accurately measure speed is laser start/laser finish, hand in laser.*

3. Technique: learning and applying correctly the bio-mechanical truths of sprinting will have a significantly positive influence on any athletes sprint times. However, technique is heavily dependent on both relative strength and mobility.

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