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Brandon Wulff

Los Angeles Dodgers

Stanford University


Erich Uelmen
Chicago Cubs
Cal Poly 

"I started as a high school senior throwing 82 with a lot of elbow pain. Not only did Fenske clean up my arm issues, but the crazy strength and size I gained put me up to 91 mph by spring. Training in my college off-seasons and online when away,  I got up to 93-96, and went 4th round in the MLB draft to the Chicago Cubs in 2017. Training here in the off-seasons has been key for my arm health and continued velocity increases, and I was promoted to the majors this past year”


Brendan Meyer
Cleveland Indians 


“I was out of baseball after high school, but I wanted to train like an athlete and push myself, so I started at 212 with Fenske. Four years later I was still not playing baseball, and not even throwing at all. But one night after training, some of the guys were throwing in the cage, and I jumped in out of curiosity to see what I could now throw. I hit 93 mph that night, and I ended up signing with the Cleveland Indians. Last year I was promoted across 3 levels while averaging 94.2 mph on my fastball, and touching 99”


John Goecke
Richmond International University

"Sophomore year of high school my coach benched me telling me I was too slow. It wasn't easy to hear, but I knew he was right. I started at 212 in February to fix my speed problem. My first 40 (laser) I ran was 5.56. But with hard work I dropped it to 4.83 in August. Not only did I then start that fall, I ended up leading my team in goals. I nailed a 4.64 laser 40 senior year, and I’m now starting on my European soccer team”


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