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🔥 How I Missed My Opportunity!

I graduated high school 135lbs

As a freshman in college I was struggling to press the 35lb dumbbells on the flat bench- that’s literally warmup weight for the 8th graders I train now

NOBODY on planet earth was skinnier or weaker than I was

But 2 things happened:

❗️ I stopped doing the one-size-fits-all “team workouts” that weren’t doing anything for me, and I started TRAINING

❗️I changed my eating habits and instead built a diet around who I wanted to BECOME!

A year and a half later I still had a LONG way to go, but I had gained 50 lbs, my DB press was 100’s x6, and all of a sudden my fastball had hair

The problem was I had waited so long to take action-it was too little, too late

If I had had that transformation in high school, instead of waiting until college and stuck at a small division school, I would’ve had a chance at the sport

The cost of my procrastination was the ONE SHOT I had at my baseball dreams‼️


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