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Being Relentless

Anytime you see someone excellent at their craft, it’s because they were relentless

While others were playing video games, they were taking swings in their garage

While others were scrolling Instagram, they were doing an extra workout

I was reminded of this this past week with one of our athletes.

He wrapped up his professional season this past Tuesday, packed his stuff, and drove cross country over 2 days to here in Vegas in order to make a training session on Thursday

No two week vacation in Hawaii to “catch his breathe”

No relaxing for a few days after a long season


Low level athletes are always taking breaks. They’re “too busy”, “don’t have the time”, “money is tight”, any number of a long list of excuses.

They choose comfort and convenience over their goals

High level athletes approach things differently. They don’t waste 3-5 hours a day average screen time like their peers do. Instead of being out drinking, they spend their weekends playing games, training, and doing schoolwork. They work part time jobs to pay for their training and showcases

And for those reasons they’re highly successful

Not because of some magical talent gene, or lucky circumstances

But because they were relentless


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