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Programming Thoughts for Coaches

Athletes are not robots. They're all different. What worked for your favorite instagram trainer on his NFL athletes might not work on a 165lb high school sophomore. What worked to boost your favorite instagram powerlifter's squat who's on tren may not work for a drug free college freshman. Your programming should derive from OBSERVING how each of your individual athlete reacts to the stress (training) being placing upon him or her. Every athlete you train is different. Charlie Francis said it best: "Many coaches are at a point in their evolution where they are imitating techniques and coaching philosophies which they have read about, purchased, inherited, or been told about, not realizing that someone else's training program can NEVER be optimal for their athlete and may even be HARMFUL."     I remember when I visited Buddy Morris, head of the Arizona Cardinals strength program. He printed out and gave me their sprint progression but reminded me, "Use this as a guide. If you try to copy it, it will not work for you. Use this only to learn from". Great advice from a brilliant coach. There's no way to put a label on the style of programming we use at 212. There's elements of 5/3/1, Conjugate Periodization, Charlie Francis's hi/low and short to long sprint programming, James "The Thinker" Smith's teachings, Josh Bryant's methods, what's worked for me personally in 10+ years of training, what's worked for our youth athletes in 5+ years of careful observation, and most importantly, what has each individual athlete responded to or NOT responded too. There is no be all end all training system. It's what works for YOUR athletes! 

Semper Fi A Fenske


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