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The Journey: Cormack

Cormack is a HS senior, 18 years old, plays Golf. He just completed his 3rd year of training with us. Like our baseball athletes, he trains with a focus on rotational power, but without the baseball focus on the throwing shoulder.

When Cormack started he was so weak he didn’t even have the grip strength to close an EZ collar around a bar-that’s a true story

Not surprisingly his club head speed was a pathetic 91mph, and his best ever drive was a feeble 265 yds

However it’s not who they are, it’s what they can become

He now has a club head speed of 118.5mph, and AVERAGES drives of 305yds with a PR of 340

He won the state championship last year and earned a FULL D1 scholarship in a sport that only gives 4.5 total scholarships for an entire team at the collegiate level

He also won the IMG Junior World qualifier this spring allowing him to compete at Worlds

There is a LOT of further hard work and dedication before he can realize his dreams of getting on the PGA tour, but he is a testament that if you put in consistent hard work, you can transform who you are and chase your dreams

The weak ask themselves “do I feel like it today?” “Am I having fun?” The real ones don’t consult their feelings-they fall in love with WHAT THEY MUST DO

“Most people miss their opportunities because it comes dressed in overalls and looks like work” -Abraham Lincoln

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