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🔥 The Mindset Mistake All Pitchers Need to Avoid!

A pitcher from a JC recently contacted me about training

We discussed this and that, and I asked him what his stat line was from the past year.

He said he had 14 1/3 IP with a 12 ERA (12!). I said what do you see as the main reasons for that? I’m looking to hear his perspective on the main problems he has that’s causing him to struggle

Instead, he said the reason for the lack of innings was “coach wanted me as a closer” but “most of our games were up or down 10”. Ok…and the ERA? “There was just a LOT of bloop hits”.

The REAL story of course is like so many he mostly sits 82-84 mph, and mechanically is all over the place leading to poor command

Both are fixable

To this point he's never developed himself physically, been on a individualized throwing program, or been coached through the right mechanics

Like so many, he has the POTENTIAL to be great

But as long as he is clinging to EXCUSES, he'll never follow through on what I'd give him to progress, because growth has to come from a mind that wants to change

So if you're not taking ownership of your own success, you’ll always resist change and therefore the opportunity to grow

It’s your MIND that has to shift for your LIFE to shift!


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