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The Overlooked Aspect of Baseball Performance

Improving a baseball athletes grip is one of the best, and often overlooked, aspects of improving their performance

Executing a high level swing, as well as pinpoint pitch location, are both heavily predicated on a strong hand and fingers

In fact, due to the high neural connection between the brain and the hands, improving grip drives output in ALL activities involving the hand

Train your grip with both a closed hand, and an open hand

Open hand strengthens the fingers more, which has great value for pitchers

Closed hand strengthens the crushing grip more, which has great value for hitters

Depending on the athlete, we use many different grip means: hex holds, static deads, plate pinches, sand, bumper holds, and various grip competitions

Each athlete though centers their grip training around “their two”: meaning two grip exercises specific to their needs, that they progress week to week

That is the key for grip: most of your grip training should be centered around intensity

Because we use our grip throughout each day, training it based around muscular endurance isn’t enough of a stimulus to cause it to improve



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