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🔥 The Ultimate Blessing

A coach that will give you the honest truth about where you’re ACTUALLY at is the ultimate blessing!

Good players tend to get complacent and fail to do what’s necessary to prepare for the NEXT level

Mediocre players tend to greatly inflate where they’re at, and end up saying things like “it makes no sense!” when they’re stuck on the bench

We all need wake up calls, and a coach that will tell you the truth is one of the best ways to get one!

There’s two paths in response:

either protect the ego with “he’s wrong! I don’t know what he’s saying!”


Respond with humility and CHANGE!!

If your response is “I’m going to prove him wrong”, good. You need a spark of motivation to effect change.

But motivation is simply a feeling: it does you no good if it’s not followed up with ACTION

Athletes that ultimately end up succeeding not only have the humility to accept correction, but they have the WORK ETHIC to implement the change!


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