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🔥 Vision Must Be Combined With KNOWLEDGE!

Kid was talking the other day about his teammate: very talented from all descriptions, but has been going backwards the last few years

What’s happened is he’s fallen into the ever growing baseball world of scams and gimmicks.

Just a few of the things he has:

A special mat that promises to “align” him when laying on it

A “new generation” red light that’s supposed to raise his testosterone

Expensive electrical stimulation nodes that claim to “boost recovery”

All with zero efficacy, all a complete waste of time

While at the same time he has a bulging disc but insists on continuing to distance run-which only serves to further aggravate the disc, all while robbing him of his fast twitch muscle fiber

You have to have drive to succeed-which he does

He IS trying

He’s not sitting around and hoping the team practice and the team workout is going to somehow get it done

What he’s missing is he’s trying at all the WRONG things- he’s missing the correct application

Vision must be combined with KNOWLEDGE!!


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