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🔥 Why You Need MORE Velocity Than You Realize!

Hitting 90 mph no longer carries any weight

And no, it's not because pitchers are all "throwing so much harder now" as is the common dogma

They're actually not

What’s changed is improvements in radar gun technology

90 mph on the old Ra-Gun (which read at 50 feet in) is now 95-96 mph on the modern gun, the Stalker 2 (read instantaneously out of the hand)

Same pitch, but better technology reads it at 95-96, not 90.

Which is why 90 used to open doors for pitchers, but not anymore

Now it’s 95+ 

Unfortunately perception still hasn’t caught up to reality, and I still hear many high school kids talking about “when I hit 90” “I just need 90” not realizing 90 flat nowadays is met with crickets by Power 5 schools, and even many D1.5’s 

Velocity is the name of the game, and most kids greatly underestimate how much they actually need to gain, in order to give themselves a real shot at their dreams 


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