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🔥 3 Reasons You Lack The Velocity You SHOULD Have!!

1️⃣ You’re not gaining size


F=MxA. Throwing a baseball is not like sprinting in soccer or jumping in basketball: you don’t have to overcome your own body weight, necessitating mass specific force. Rather, you’re throwing a 5oz object. Therefore a bigger version of YOU will throw 5oz harder than YOU used to throw it! This is of course reflected at the elite level of the sport, where the average MLB pitcher this past season was 6’3” 225.


2️⃣ You don’t have a throwing program that fits you


Most kids throwing is whatever happens to be going on at practice. An individual throwing plan that builds on your specific strengths, and identifies and attacks your specific weaknesses, is critical for adding velocity


3️⃣ Your perspective is wrong


There is no baseball Santa Claus that’s going to just give you velocity because you wish for it. The American baseball complacency mindset of “oh it’ll just happen” has been the ruin of thousands and thousands of baseball pitchers that failed to take action. Life does not give you what you beg and plead for in thought, it gives you what you demand with ACTION!






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