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Collapsing Time

One of our athletes had an impressive lift the other day in his training. I told him honestly that what took me 10 years, he’s now accomplished in 3. And that is the KEY for young athletes: they have to be able to collapse time. They don’t have 10 years to get it done, or often, even have 5. The chance to be an athlete is a small window in life: it opens, and it closes. Every week, every month, every year, is critical. The competition is too fierce, and too talented at the collegiate level and beyond, to waste time.

So how did he do in 3 years what I couldn’t until being a grown man in the Marine Corps? Coaching. I spent my high school years getting no results doing the PE “sports performance” class, and bumbling around with physical therapy “workouts”. Both settings I was getting little to no coaching, no accountability, and no mentoring. And with that, no results. I never developed how I should have, and sat the bench at a small college, an ocean away from my dreams of playing MLB. Conversely, the athlete mentioned now has 6 D1 offers, and a lot of draft interest as well. He’s combined his sport skill-which nearly EVERY kid has after 10+ years of playing the sport-with the strength of a grown man. Through coaching he’s effectively collapsed time, and because of that, he’s reaching his goals, and getting a chance to fulfill his dreams.


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