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Corey's Story

Here’s the crazy thing about D2: there’s kids who can legit pitch, like Corey could

Corey was a lefty who could command 3 pitches, and live on the black with all 3

He was such a likable kid no one was even upset that as a first year freshman he already became our Ace.

Consistent outing after consistent outing, Corey was dominant. No D2 hitters were touching him

The problem was that his fastball was 81-82

Which is why he was at D2 in the first place despite being that good at pitching

He had bad body, 5’11” and pudgy and nothing but good ole team workouts and weighted balls to try to change it

If he’d had someone to show him a path physically he would’ve still been 5’11” of course, but a lefty 3 pitches on the black and that fastball gets to even 90-91? He would’ve climbed

But he never changed physically, and neither did his fastball. Another lower level superstar who never went anywhere

Baseball: many are called. Few are chosen


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