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How I (badly) missed my shot at baseball

I was a skinny as a rail 125 lb High School Junior, no strength, no athleticism, and grunting to throw 78 mph.

I was so thin my friends used to draw cartoons of how scrawny I was. Funny now, not so funny then

The scariest place in the WORLD to me was the weight room

Even “PE Weights” was intimidating because I didn’t want other kids to know just how WEAK I really was!

So I hid behind all the little low level baseball kid isms: “i dOnT wAnT tO gEt tOo bIg” “i dOn’T wAnT tO liFt hEaVy” 🙄

What I needed was me NOW to go back and train me THEN

Instead I had coaches who didn’t know a solution, or simply didn’t care-more interested in SOOTHING me than provoking me to purpose!

I needed some hard truths and I needed guidance: how to train. How to eat. A smarter throwing program. Mechanical adjustments. Teach me and keep me accountable to it. 

Instead I stayed in my fantasy land, ego filled by my little high school awards and ability to pitch, ignoring how the gun was clearly telling me I had no future

This is why I tell every kid who starts with us: I’m going to push you. And I’m going to keep you accountable. If that’s hard for you, I’m not the trainer for you. If you have heart, I’ll put everything I have into helping you be great. But I will not stand by and watch you go halfhearted and ignorant through your one athletic window in LIFE-to be great

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