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How to Gain Velo

The key to gaining velocity is understanding genetic factors

Some kids genetically are going to throw 74-80

Then there's a lot of kids who throw 82-84, and once upon a time touched 88 at a showcase

Then there's the gifted that genetically throw in the low 90’s

But what’s important to remember is that if you’ve been playing baseball from a young age, like most kids, you’ve been throwing now for 10 or 15 YEARS

You’ve maximized the shoulders ability to throw harder

Kids get told “oh it’ll just happen for you” “oh you’ll get there” not realizing how FEW get to the 95 and above world that opens all doors in the sport

What you have to do is look BEYOND the shoulder to gain further velocity: building plane specific force; gaining strength and power in the hips; and adding size

Otherwise, like so many experience, they fail to gain the velocity necessary to compete at the higher levels of the sport



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