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🔥 How to Get Recruited (Part 2)

So how do you get offered? Simple: Get really good.

If you’re good, recruiting takes care of itself.

You’ll demonstrate high ability at key events like Area Codes, and multiple schools will ask you on official visits, and make you scholarship offers


If you’re not as good, its unfortunately at that stage where many athletes end up wasting a lot of time and money.


One way many end up wasting time and money is attending “prospect camps”, which by and large are fundraisers for the college. Camps can help your recruiting-if the school has already been talking to you. If they’re cold emailing you about the camp, they’re not interested. They’re fundraising. You’ll be just another face in a sea of faces the graduate assistant is running through drills over a weekend to justify the donation you made to the school.



Another unfortunate waste of time and money many fall prey to: getting a “recruiting service”. These middle men promise their “connections” will get a kid recruited-despite the kids own play not being enough. As could be expected, I have yet to ever hear a story of how paying a recruiting service worked out. I have however, heard many sad stories of parents and kids being outright scammed.

The truth is that if you’re ready for the next level, they will find you under a rock. The many athletes I’ve trained that have gone D1 was not because they paid for the right “recruiting service”, or paid for the "right exposure”; it was because they worked very hard and got very good.


Their velocity went way up.


Their power went way up.


They displayed COLLEGE ABILITIES while still in high school, so COLLEGES wanted them.


The truth is you must dominate your CURRENT level, for the NEXT level to want you. There are no cheat codes or shortcuts.


If you’re good: schools will find you, beg you, and pay you.


If you’re mediocre: you will have to find them, beg them, and pay them.


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