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Humility Comes Before Honor

When it comes to giving yourself the best chance possible at baseball, you *could* find all the answers yourself

The problem is it takes about 10-15 years to become even a nominal expert in ANYTHING, let alone something as complex as baseball-where to maximize your abilities you have to:

-understand strength, speed, and mobility

-implement a correct nutrition plan

-individual throwing program

-identify and correct technical errors

-arm care program

All while factoring the highly complex intricacies of maintaining shoulder and elbow health

You simply don’t have the TIME

Many kids give themselves no realistic shot at their dreams because they simply lack the mentoring and knowledge they HAVE to have, but AREN’T getting

It takes a degree of humility to say “I can’t do this on my own”-but humility comes before honor, which is why EVERY single great athlete writes in their biography about all the great mentors and coaches that facilitated their journey

Failed athletes have no one to mention-and also no success to write about

Athletes will always need a coach and mentor that can recognize WHAT they need to improve, then teach them HOW to work smart to achieve their true potential!

- Fenske

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