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🔥 It’s NEVER Been Easier!

If you don’t have the rare talent that it’ll somehow “just happen”, then in order to succeed you will have to commit to working very hard for a very long time: The Process

But most American baseball kids don’t like hearing that because most of them expect baseball to be like how they were raised: easy, with everything handed to them.

So they all look for magic wands; and that’s why statistically now only 0.01% of American high school baseball players make MLB

It’s never been easier to succeed in baseball. EVER. Most of your competition is going to eliminate themselves. They’re too soft, too weak mentally, and lack perseverance.

The key though is understanding the RIGHT work to do

“Wanting it” isn’t enough

Life does not give you what you beg and plead for in THOUGHT, it gives you what you DEMAND with ACTION!!


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