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SR RHP Part 3

74-76mph as a high school senior

Firmly on the bench

Might get cut

There was a LOT of work to do, in a short time frame. This was a major problem

Now every kid who comes to us has a problem. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t have sought a solution

The irony is that EVERY baseball kid has a problem. Because they ALL talk not just a scholarship, not just the minor leagues, but MLB

As it is, there’s a little over 500,000 high school varsity baseball players in America. 750 MLB players, 32.6% of that is international. So 500,000 high school players into about 500 MLB spots, that a 0.01% chance High School to MLB


The problem kids have is they always think the sport will be as easy as it was when they were 14 playing in the Cranberry Classic. They have no concept of how competitive the sport is at the higher levels

So they ALL talk it, but take no action beyond what EVERYONE is doing: the exact same practice as everyone else, playing the same game schedule as everyone else, and doing the same team workout as everyone else

They wait around, they wait around, taking no action, and then the next level of competition takes them by complete surprise

That is often the worst place to be as a young athlete, the top 2 or 3 players on your high school or college team

Complacency sets in quick

In order to reach your potential as an athlete, you have to realize how small the window truly is to make the progress necessary BEFORE the next level hits

There has to be a sense of urgency or you quickly fall behind


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