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SR RHP Part 7

The cool thing about being able to help athletes fulfill their dreams is seeing how life transformative it is for them

He couldn’t be happier at the school he ended up at. He’s making great friendships, is enjoying being able to compete at a high level of the sport, and is getting an education for next to nothing

All the work he put in with no one knowing, or caring, has paid off – literally. He’s proud of the work he’s put in and is a vastly more confident, organized, and mature young man than when he walked in

All of it was only possible though because of his attitude

I’m only as good as the prescription

If an athlete lacks discipline, or lacks work ethic, they won’t get much results no matter how good the information is I can give them. Because everything requires ACTION- actual implementation

That was the key. We work on so many aspects of an athlete’s development: nutrition, training, throwing program, mechanics, etc

The time frame was so short to try to go from a 74-76 mph high school senior bench sitter, to college scholarship.

It happened though because he had the desire to learn, and the work ethic to implement everything we’d cover. So I could continue to give him more and more, because he could receive on that level

Our program is not for everyone. Many are better off going to a place where they can just go through the motions

But for those who have a real drive: it’s THEIR dream, and they’re willing to work for it: then all it requires from there is the correct path for their individual needs and abilities

And the discipline to consistently implement.



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