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🔥 The 4 ways to Improve Performance

Using a pitcher as an example:

Technical: a bio-mechanically sound, repeatable delivery

Tactical: the chess match versus the hitter-understanding what to throw and when

Psychological: a confident mindset that weathers the inevitable ups and downs of the sport, both outing to outing, and over a career

Physical: maximizing the body to generate as much velocity as possible, as well as durability 

All four aspects are interrelated, and collectively, determine an athletes performance

Here’s the thing about baseball though: as the sport has become more and more specialized, most baseball kids gap in performance is the physical

The reason is that even by high school they’ve often been playing year round for well over a DECADE

Most have also been taking lessons for well over a decade as well

As a result, their sport skill is relatively high

What most lack however, and why so many get STUCK, is the physical

They lack the necessary speed, power, velocity, and durability to succeed, ESPECIALLY as the levels go up and it becomes more competitive 

They’re trying to play a grown man’s game with the force outputs of a boy

And until they correct that-which takes smart, hard work-no amount of mechanical “fixes”, swing adjustments, or lessons will get them where they’re trying to go


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