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🔥The Aspect of Talent That IS Trainable!

Here’s what I see in the baseball internet world: Twitter guru’s post a video of someone very talented, like number 1 pick Paul Skenes, and apply a made up term to what they’re doing (“scap load timing!”) then try to sell their online program which promises to “scap load time in 6 weeks!”

Here’s what’s important to remember: you can’t replicate TALENT

No matter how hard you try

The velocity gift: total ROM and ER of the Gleno-humeral joint, is GENETIC

When you work with real life athletes you quickly learn that some have been given much

And some have been given little

Trying to play God and fuss with fixed positions in the shoulder has been a quick road to ruin for many pitchers who think there’s a shortcut

What many miss is that the vast majority of elite pitchers are ALSO tall/big/strong, and that’s what’s allowed their talent to surface to success

And THAT is the aspect of “talent” that IS trainable: developing higher levels of power, size, and plane specific force!


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