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The Journey: Karl

Karl is a just graduated HS senior, 18 years old, pitcher. He’s trained a little over 20 months with us. As a baseball pitcher, he trains with a focus on strength, rotational power, and health and durability of the throwing shoulder.

Karl started in October of 2020 as a high school Jr pitcher who was very frustrated with his current 81-83 mph velocity. He expressed he’d been stuck there for awhile.

Not every kid who starts is receptive to advice and input off the bat, but Karl was, and after his first tournament we discussed what was he was going to need to do.

I explained to him the “high school wall”, why he was stuck and what he’d need to do going forward to change.

That was October 2020. Flash forward to now, the spring of 2022. To Karl’s credit, he did exactly the steps I outlined for him in that text I’d sent him. He applied a new diet, gaining good lean mass. He massively improved his strength, flat back deadlifting 455. He built plane specific rotational power, and improved his hip mobility. That physical development took him from a frustrated and ignored 81-83 mph, to 92-95mph this spring and 8 FULL ride scholarship offers to major D1’s. He also received draft interest from numerous MLB teams. After a whirlwind several months of official visit after official visit, and in home meetings with MLB teams, he has decided on college, committing to Kansas.

Our conversations now are of course no longer about the “high school wall”. Now what we’re discussing in depth is how to progress his training the next 3 years in order to maximize his draft position.

Hard work pays 💰💰💰 -but far more important than any financial blessing of free college, and draft position, is Karl succeeding in going from mediocre, to having a real chance at achieving his childhood dream of playing at the elite level-that’s where the true payoff is.


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