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The Truth About Velocity

This past week a baseball pitcher who I’ve just started training texted me about his tournament he’d just had. He said that he was 81-83mph, and expressed how he’s been stuck in that range for awhile. I told him this: What’s happening is that you’ve probably reached the “high school wall”, meaning you’ve maximized your SHOULDERS ability to throw a baseball, aka your genetic layback, and other hereditary shoulder factors that influence velocity... Bearing in mind that you can roughly break down shoulders as such: the Freaks, the 1%, that touch 91-94mph in high school genetically, and often go to 97-98mph in college as they mature. The second 1%, the “showcase” kid, who more or less throws 84-86, but touched 90 that one time at a Perfect Game, and so committed D1.5

The vast majority, the 98%, who throw 76-85. It’s at the “high school wall”-when the shoulder’s ability is maxed out- that most kids get stuck (and eventually are out of the sport because of it). However, you’ve already realized you’re not the Freak 1%, and that’s why you started training. Turn your body into a MLB body (avg 6’3” 215lbs for a pitcher), flat back pull 405, squat a house, etc, now you’re maximizing not just your arm (which nearly all kids do), but your overall ability to produce more force. If you’re not 92-94mph and Milb at that point, then it wasn’t written in the stars. But over and over once a kid takes the step they need to physically, they get where they want to go. We’ve had kids 72-74mph-who were in college- get to 90. 82mph D6 college, get to 94. The problem is most aren’t willing to work that process, hence bands, weighted balls, etc, all “quick fix” type gimmicks that try to get *even more* out of the shoulder itself, which has more often than not already been maximized. The solution is increasing power. And that requires consistent, intelligent, hard training.


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