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The Problem I Had (like many young kids!)

I was like every baseball kid out there

I constantly dreamed about the major leagues

And I truly believed that’s where I was going

But I had the same problem most young athletes have: they don’t realize how difficult their road is actually going to be

I didn’t realize because I was comparing myself to my high school teammates, and my high school competition.

And because i was winning high school awards, I thought I must be doing everything correctly

But if I would have objectively compared myself to the elite level, where I SAID I wanted to go, I would have realized that the average MLB fastball is 93.9


And I was throwing 78 to 80

So my physical therapy workouts and running poles, and messing around with weighted balls wasn’t actually getting me any results at all. The only reason for my “success” at an extremely low level, was due to my sport skill.

So what I needed to do was actually set aside my ego, stop doing what everyone else was doing, and actually look for real solutions to fill in the gap between me, and where I said I wanted to go

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