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The TRUTH about the MLB draft (Part 1)

The MLB draft is very different from the NBA or NFL draft, in the aspect of what being drafted means for the athlete

If you’re drafted in the NBA or NFL, you’re often expected to step in and start right away

At the very least, you’ve made the roster, you’ve reached the elite level

However in baseball, getting drafted is just the START of your journey, because statistically, the vast majority of drafted baseball athletes never reach the elite level.

Even getting drafted as high as the 5th round, your odds are only 1/3, and it gets progressively worse from there.

This is also just to have a single MLB appearance, let alone carve out any shape or form of a career

So what happens is because kids dominate in high school, and if they go to college, dominate in college, they often underestimate how competitive the minor leagues are

They’re often unprepared physically and mentally for what it will take to rise through the minor league system and reach the majors

As is said in baseball: many are called, few are chosen.

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