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What I Needed Was Me NOW to Train Me THEN!

End of Jr year of high school I weighed 125lbs and topped 78mph

The crazy thing is I saw no problem

After all, I was winning high school awards 🙄

What I knew how to do was pitch: I could locate black to black and I was throwing a FORKBALL in high school-despite 78 that does get high school hitters out! So to my egotistical mind I thought I was on my way

I was so delusional I expected D1 schools to call me.

I was surprised none did.

What I needed was someone to see my scrawny weak 125lbs 78mph self and explain, hey Fenske, F= MxA if you get stronger and bigger YOU will throw a 5oz object harder than YOU used to throw it: you should gain strength and weight specific to baseball, and see what you’re actually capable of

But I had no one to show me a path which is why I failed.

What I needed was me NOW to go back in time and train me THEN!!

“Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisors they succeed”


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