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🔥 How to Still Get Results DESPITE Aches/Pains and even Injury!

If you play sports, you won't always feel perfect

Every athlete deals with aches/discomforts, and pains

Every athlete at some point ends up on the IL

That’s life


The DIFFERENCE is that athletes who thought playing “low contact” sports like baseball was their ticket to never experience any discomfort or any pain, OVERREACT when they don’t feel absolutely perfect


Instead of making simple modifications and adjustments, they stop everything and get lost in the physical therapy vortex

And waste precious months, and even YEARS


To rise through the levels and reach your true ability, you will have to understand that aches/pains/discomforts, and yes even injury, can ALL be worked around in your program

Some exercises will have to be modified, others eliminated; new ones will need to be added, others amplified

Volumes and intensities, and your overall periodization plan has to be adjusted as well

But the key is that you don’t succumb to the temptation of using the ache/pain/injury as an excuse to do nothing, and as a consequence, start going in reverse

Rather, adjust your plan and come out the other side a better athlete, and still on track to chase your dreams



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