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Periodization (Part 2)

One of the most important aspects of Periodization is understanding the needs and demands of the sport the athlete plays

Take for example an elite 100m sprinter

A year from now he sprints at World’s, and a year later he sprints at the Olympics

Now the macro-periodization plan, the year plan, becomes everything, because you can take the dates of the 2 events, and work backwards from them in order to peak him for those two events over two years

But if you have baseball players in their off-season, now you need to be really good at writing meso-cycles, because they only have 4 to 5 months to maximize their off-season.

Then as they transition to in-season, it becomes all about communicating with the athlete: what have the competitive demands been, travel, other stressors, etc.

So training becomes even workout by workout, day by day, in order for the athlete to be able to maintain his all critical levels of velocity and power in-season.


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