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Sprint Faster: Learning Bio-Mechanical Positions

In order to improve speed, an athlete must do 3 things:

  1. Apply more mass specific force into the ground

  2. In the proper bio-mechanical positions

  3. In ever decreasing increments of time

Proper bio-mechanical positions: What this means is that an athlete is exhibiting correct technique in their sprinting

Similar to elite hitters swing in baseball, athletes sprinting will look somewhat different based off their unique traits

However, there are so called “biomechanical truths” that regardless of height, build, wingspan, etc that an athlete must exhibit in order to sprint fast

Some of the key ones:

-Angles of acceleration

-elastic arm swing

-front side mechanics

Many athletes have simply never been taught the basic fundamentals of sprinting, and their speed suffers for it

You can get very powerful and very explosive, but if your technique is poor, you will never be able to DISPLAY the speed you’re capable of

This is why learning proper technique is such a catalyst for speed. Speed is a skill, it can be trained!


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