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The Difference between Motivation and Discipline

It’s the spark of motivation that gets an athlete to change

Change is difficult; it’s usually takes some kind of pain to spark change I’ve listened to athletes express all kinds of different points of pain as to why they wanted to start training: “Coach told me I’m overweight and I need to lose weight” “They kept me on JV this year” “I haven’t gained any velo in a year” “I’m sick of being weak” “I’m sick of being small” “I didn’t have the season I thought I would” These type of point of pain events often provide the motivation to change The problem is that over time, the motivation the athlete had, begins to dissipate The reason is that motivation is a FEELING, and therefore like all feelings, it comes and goes, it ebbs and flows

But when the feeling of motivation has its natural ups and downs, the athlete reacts off their feelings They begin to practice half heartedly

They stop doing extra work They give excuses as to why they’re not working hard And some even quit altogether What an athlete must develop to be successful long term, is discipline Discipline doesn’t need a hype song, it doesn’t need the ideal weather, it doesn’t need the perfect convenience Discipline does what needs to be done, every day, no matter the circumstances, no matter the mood, no matter any possible excuses It’s in discipline that an athlete finds real, sustainable success that carries them up to fulfilling their dreams Not in a flash of come and go motivation, but in the foundation of discipline “Discipline is the foundation upon which all success is built. Lack of discipline inevitably leads to failure”


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