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The Issue with Team Workouts

Team workouts, IF the trainer is actually

1) Qualified

2) Engaged

3) Capable of programming progressions/regressions for 35 different athletes (often much more) of all different training ages/ability levels/injury histories

are still fundamentally flawed because there’s simply too many bodies in the room to be able to effectively coach and cue technique, which for athletes is EVERYTHING. The necessary correction and feedback that is so critical for proper movement under load, is logistically impossible to give. I’ve been there, and it’s very frustrating. Add in the steady stream of athletes that need a Plan B for the day: “hey today at practice x y z was bothering me”; “hey coach said I’m starting Saturday now not Thursday”; and no matter what, many individuals will receive severely inadequate training

Sadly, the kids who need good training the MOST in order to be successful: those that didn’t have the early growth spurt; that didn’t play varsity as freshmen; that didn’t receive early offers; are the ones who are utterly left behind by the fundamentally flawed model of team workouts.


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