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The Mistake I Made This Week

One of the difficult aspects of being an advanced trainee is some days you just don’t have it. You can come in prepared, focused, ready; but just not have it.

It doesn’t happen when you have a lower training age, and there’s no specific explanation for it, which is the frustrating part, but the bar feels like a ton of bricks right from the start, and speed is simply not there.

And the worst thing you can do on those days is exactly what I did this week, stubbornly try to push your way through it, which ended with a sloppy, missed top set.

It’s better to be cognizant of it’s just not in the cards on that particular day, back off, do what you can handle that day, and move on.

Just as it is with training athletes, have a Plan A, but it’s Plan B that makes for the best training. You have to be able to make the right adjustments on the fly, and that’s what adds up to the best results.


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