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The Real Reason Most Athletes Fail

So many kids nowadays think lesson/tournament, lesson/tournament is what’s going to get them there. But they’ve been doing lesson/tournament for 10+ years and getting little to no results. No matter how much they “tweak their mechanics” and perform the “drill to fix it”, they’re still a mediocre athlete. And no matter how many elite premier showcase prospect tournaments they pay big money to play in, no one is interested in them.

Now for anyone it’s not easy to take responsibility; and especially when your ego is tied to sports, there’s a list of usual excuses as to why they’re still mediocre: Coach doesn’t like me, I’m not getting enough exposure, I need to transfer (again), etc.

Often though these kids are hard workers and they want desperately to do well and chase their hopes and dreams, but they’re going about it the wrong way. And the sad thing is all they have to do is turn on the TV to see what they SHOULD be doing: the athletes at the higher levels, where they want to go, are bigger, faster, stronger. They throw harder, jump higher, sprint faster, swing harder. And yes that’s often highly genetic. But if you don’t have the genetics, you’d better build them...nearly all young athletes in my experience fail out of sport not because of failing to get enough lesson/tournament, but because they don’t have enough size/strength/speed to compete at the next level, and the college coaches they so earnestly kiss up to, know it. They’d be far better off doing less lesson/tournament, and more get explosive/get rocked up.


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