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The Velocity Lottery

We tell kids all the time...many pitchers throw hard and they have no idea why. And to attribute their velocity to any one "program" or method would be foolish. Bigliani et al found that 67% of pro pitchers had a positive sulcus sign in their throwing shoulder, and of those 67%, a full 89% had it in their NON THROWING SHOULDER...further, in a study of 1400 pro pitchers, ALL were found to have in excess of 190 degrees total ROM in both their throwing AND NON THROWING SHOULDER.  Sadly, too often kids try to copy the same training x pro pitcher does, not realizing that the majority of the time, that pitcher's velocity wasn't due to any particular "program" or training, but winning the genetic lottery. Frustrated, their velocity is flat year over year until they're eliminated from the sport. That's why if you're in the group that didn't win the genetic lottery, you have to find out and apply what the NON gene code kids did to throw harder.       The more pitchers we've observed, stretched and measured, it becomes abundantly clear the research is correct: some athletes are greatly predisposed to throw hard, others aren't. Frankly, the majority of those in our facility are the "aren't" ones. And training has to be maximized, because it's one thing to babysit a genetic star who's going to be drafted, or an MLB pitcher. It's another story all together to train the 76mph 5'9" high school senior. You'd better have a complete and thorough knowledge of how to improve them (hint: it'll be much more complicated than giving them a cookie cutter workout sheet), or they'll be firmly on the bench at the next level/or out of the sport altogether. The non genetic kids simply cannot waste time doing physical therapy or giant group PE workouts. They need specific training protocols that fit their individual arm structure and needs. 

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