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The Velocity solution

It’s amazing how many baseball kids have a velocity problem, but they’re taking NO STEPS to solve it

The path is clear: hit 90-91 at PG or Area Codes, you get to go D1

However, some are so prideful they can’t even acknowledge they HAVE a problem.

They’ll SIT 82, hit 86 that ONE time, and see no issue.

When they’re a full 6-8 mph off, which is a LOT.

Sometimes Dad is contributing to the delusion. “He’s just a few miles per hour off” as if it’s a natural, easy process every pitcher goes through to go from 85 to 91.

The fact is very few do.

The truth about velocity is that there's a significant genetic component to throwing hard. So there’ll always be the skinny 150lb high school kid who throws hard.

There’ll always be the guy who it “just kind of happened” for.

That’s what’s called TALENT.

But sadly so many blindly assume they also have the same talent.

They fail to take any real steps to correct their problem, outside of the same things every generation of failed high school baseball players have done: a haphazard mix of weighted balls, Jaeger bands, and physical therapy "workouts".

To make a velocity transformation, it will require a plan: everything from

1) applying physics to produce more force: getting strong and athletic, specific to the unique requirements of baseball

2) addressing nutrition habits in order to add lean muscle and radically change body composition

3) regular arm assessment's that address underlying shoulder pathologies, allowing for greater strength and stamina to build in the arm.

Which requires accountability

And hard work.

The sad thing is that there's many baseball kids who are humble, willing to work hard, and DESPERATELY want to succeed.

They just have to be shown a real solution.


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