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Working around Injury

There is no ache, discomfort, pain, or even injury, that cannot be worked around in training for an athlete to continue to get great results

We once had an athlete who went snowboarding and broke his collarbone snowboarding

Because of a snafu with his insurance, it took 8 months for it to get set and healed

For those 8 months he was in a sling. So what we did is he used a dragging sled: different movements, different volumes

At the end of the 8 months when he was cleared, he returned to squatting with a barbell. He was shocked at how strong he had gotten, and his first time back under the bar he hit a 65lb PR, squatting 500 for the first time

He was ecstatic, and was at a whole new level of confidence

No one would have faulted him for taking the time off. No one even would have faulted him for laying on his couch and feeling sorry for himself

Instead, he worked hard and applied himself the entire time, and reaped the benefits for it

If its important to you, you’ll find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse


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